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Apr 22, 2019


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We are sharing the format APK of GBWhatsapp for Android devices, tablets and more compatible phones which have the ability to work with it. Follow the steps and get your file.

Whatsapp introduced a decade ago. Firstly it provided free messaging feature after its installation but afterward, it started growing and provided the feature of voice and video calling as well. Today, WhatsApp is said to be the most frequent, clear and best way of communication having billions of downloader all across the globe. Whatsapp is the platform that allows you to share your day with people in the most frequent and easiest way. It is also declared that WhatsApp is the priority of people, especially in international calling and texting experience.
GBWhatsApp is a mod application version of WhatsApp which was developed by HAS.007. He was a senior XDA member who developed and introduced this version of WhatsApp in the market. But after a few days, the GB WhatsApp version was closed by WhatsApp still on internet few platforms are providing this version. Now currently Whatsapp owner is Facebook having billions of its users and increasing day by day. 
GB Whatsapp APK Download
Want to download GB WhatsApp APK? You only need to follow the steps you avail the facility of dual WhatsApp in your Android:
Go to the “setting” of your smartphone, go to the “security” and mark tick on allowing “unknown sources” on the mobile phone.
As soon as you are done with the allowing of unknown sources to be downloaded in your android. Now, the next step is to install the GBWhatsApp by clicking the button given below.

After the download is done the GBWhatsApp application will be opened and now it will ask you to give a number through which people may contact you. 
As soon as you install the mobile number an OTP code will be sent to you which will automatically be integrated and it will be easy for you as well rather then you memorize or copy paste it.
Now the WhatsApp is ready to serve you with its amazing services that you will love to enjoy. Save your money and time now!
GB Whatsapp 2018, 2019 (GBWhatsapp)
GBWhatsApp 2018 is now modified to GBWhatsApp 2019. From the previous you will find the following modifications in it:
The version of GBWhatsapp 2019 is 6.85.
The application size of GBWhatsApp is defined to be 29.5 MBs.
The Android version minimum needed for this is Android 4.0 and plus.
The application name is GB WhatsApp.
The Root is not necessary for the installation of GBWhatsApp.

·      MAIN TASK:
It is based on the WhatsApp original version having extra hidden features in it as well that are not present in original WhatsApp.

GB Whatsapp Features
Each of the application comes up with some of the features that make it unique to stand and exist n the market. 
Following are some of the feature that GB WhatsApp is providing you and making your life easy and fast:
·       Developed on the latest WhatsApp version 2.19.17.
·       Helps you in sending a private reply in the group.
·       You can easily add stickers from the third party apps.
·       A new feature enabled helps you in creating new fonts and launcher icons.
·       You can sort WhatsApp messages from oldest to newest according to the dates.
·       The pin chats limit is improved to 30. Now you can pin almost 30 chats.
·       The swipe to reply option is introduced.
·       People can now make group calls and can talk to max 4 people at the same time either its video or voice call.
·       Use the sticker as a reply option to express your feelings in a more proper way.
·       The most amazing thing in GB WhatsApp is this you can forward messages and the tag of “forwarded” will not appear in it.
·       The forward messages limit was also increased in it.
·       You can now know the history of revoked messages of any contact or group.
·       You can now turn media visibility of the contacts to see it in the gallery else the useless one will not be shown and your memory of mobile will also be not consumed.
·       You can mark read from the notification panel of your android.
·       Select all chats from the home page of this app in a glance.
·       It is having a feature of the lock while recording voice notes so that you can send long voice notes easily without holding or pressing it for a long time.
·       Read the group description in the header just like the status of the people.
·       The most amazing feature is this that you can pay anytime by attaching a bank account with it.
·       It allowed you to mention people name so that even if they have muted the group conversation still they will be notified.
·       Even if you are busy and not able to reply on time there is an auto-reply option that will reply on your behave and let people know this that you are busy and will reply soon when you will get free. Moreover, you can exclude groups or contacts from this option as well.
· several group option is introduced.
·       New emoji support was also enabled in it.
·       You can edit images and videos according to your choice before sending. Like if you want to add effect in your image so you can add it easily or if you want to send a chunk from the video you can also trim it before sending.
·       You can officially cancel messages multiple WhatsApp messages.
·       The limit of sending 30 items is increased to 100 now you can send up to 100 items in a single message.
·       Search out the new interesting GIFs and emoji.
·       You can also make calls to the people who are not having WhatsApp installed on their phone.
·       The auto download option for media was restricted as well i.e. you can also allow few contacts to auto-download images. 
·       Schedule WhatsApp messages from this application using Messages Scheduler In-built option.
·       Let your status privacy be set to a few people. Now you can hide your status from the people you don’t want to show.
·       The chats can now be hidden easily. 
·       Feature of saving anyone story or status was also enabled.
·       The option of video calling now works properly.
·       Limit of 25 MBs video sending is now increased to 50MBs in GBWhatsApp
·       Hide you're last seen, blue ticks, delivered tick and many more option if you don’t want that people know what you are currently doing.
·       Send broadcast messages to 600 people in a glance so that you may save your time.
·       GB WhatsApp allows you to write a status of 255 characters instead of 139 character limit.
·       Support more than 100 languages all across the globe.
·       You can change the theme of your WhatsApp easily and put any of your favorite ones just going into the theme option.
·       Stay online for a whole day that is for 24 hours but it may consume a lot of memory of yours.
·       You can use GB WhatsApp and original WhatsApp equally without facing any error or mishaps.
·       Create your own GB WhatsApp theme and submit it easily on the GB WhatsApp.
·       Add the locking option on your WhatsApp without involving any third party application.
·       Change the application and notification icon.
·       Hide name and date while copying the message from one message body to another.
·       Use different contact tab styles according to your choice.
·       Change theme at any instance of time.
·       You can easily differentiate between normal and broadcast messages.
·       All types of can be sent either it is in jpeg, img, docx or apk, etc.
GBWhatsapp Review
It is said that GBWhatsApp is safer to use due to its interesting features. People love to use it as you get two mobile number usage on a single smartphone. Moreover, sending files made easier in it and its been fun to use the GB WhatsApp. 

GBWhatsapp Developer
The GB WhatsApp developers helped the users in many ways. Giving more access to privacy and enabling more sending receiving options. GB WhatsApp team did a great hard work and given the user a full authority to customize the application. Not only this even this is not available on play store easily but you can download the GB WhatsApp APK file from our platform and avail some of the amazing services.

GBWhatsapp Themes
GB WhatsApp APK provides you many enchanting themes to customize your application and look beautiful as well. Either you are looking for a game or horror theme or it is a theme you choose from your mobile phone and it’s your own or you like any online. You can make any theme as your application theme and it is having your own store as well. You can find amazing theme from the store and make it your theme freely. So what are you waiting for download this amazing application from the link given below and enjoy the free and multiple increased features of WhatsApp just by downloading GB WhatsApp APK file?